Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Now That's a Mouth Full

"Let my mouth be filled with Your praise
And with Your glory all the day."  Psalm 71: 8

My husband and I read that verse last night as part of our daily Bible reading together and it really got me thinking...

This verse reminded me of a time when I was a teenager standing outside on a chilly Easter morning awaiting the coming sunrise.  There were just a handful of us standing in the graveyard waiting expectantly, singing hymns and praying.  Then as the first light hues of yellow and orange began to streak the sky, the minister proclaimed, "He is risen just as he said!  Shout if from the roof tops, "Christ is risen!!"  And in my heart I leapt up and wanted to climb the tallest tree just to proclaim Him.  "Halleluiah!!"   Physically I stayed on the ground and rejoiced with those around me and quickly headed into the church hall to enjoy a pancake breakfast with all the fixings.

And now here I am a few decades later and still physically on the ground but this blog will be my rooftop, my place to proclaim Him.  To share how Jesus has touched and changed my life and continues to uphold me and show me the way.

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